Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 28--Object Lessons

Anything can become an object lesson
            I believe one of our purposes on this earth is so we can experience "object lessons" to better understand spiritual concepts.  If this is true, then there can be an "object lesson" in virtually everything and every situation.  Are you not sure what an object lesson is or are you not sure if your family has been touched by one?  "Object lessons" are often grouped with a type of Sunday School lesson or children's church message where an object everyone understands is the starting point and it is used to lead to a lesson on an abstract idea that can be difficult to comprehend.  Can you think of an example?

            Here is an example.  In the Old Testament, God is very specific with details about the building of the temple and the items used in it.  The temple is a representation of heaven, and the details of the temple have to be "just right" otherwise we will not understand the truths behind its structure, which will help us to get a clearer perspective of heaven.  (This is an overall concept I still do not really understand.) 

            Considering the idea that everything is object lesson is true, then it should be easy for me to come up with a blog subject that you can use to help your children develop a better Biblical worldview; however, I am coming up blank.  One thing I do know is that I need some rest.

            If I want to use humans' repeated need for sleep for an object lesson, then I could use it to help illustrate that only true, everlasting peace and rest can come from Jesus.  This world is cursed with sin and suffering, but God has began his plan to bring redemption and salvation.  His choice, not our good deeds, entitles us to rest.  The Sabbath, which we discussed a couple of weeks ago on two different Sundays, is a weekly reminder that we need to trust God and rest in His steady, protective hands.

            Your Turn:  What "thing" or "situation" touching your family can you use as an object lesson to teach your children a truth about God or His relationship with them?  Discuss it with your children.  Then come back and share it with us!!  If you do, I will give you another entry into my drawing.  Have a glorious day.

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  1. A great object lesson amongst our children is their younger siblings... I cannot count how many times I have taught my older kids truths by using the little ones as examples.

    Recently we were discussing faith in Christ and spiritual growth. We likened "faith" to the subject of "mathematics", and considered the various levels of math knowledge in our home:

    Timothy and Lydia, ages 13 and 11, can handle fractions and decimals. David, age 4, can count to 29. Maria can respond with 2 fingers when asked "how old are you?" And Susanna, 3 months, is well versed with the concept of "more!" All very different levels of math, but they all grasp part of it, and are building on it as they grow older.

    How much faith do you need? Christ taught that faith the size of a mustard seed wins the prize! It was such a great discussion!

  2. This is a wonderful example! Thank you for sharing it.