Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 19--Difficult Choices with the Right Answers

            I am not sure why wanting to let someone else live can make some people so very angry.  I am not sure why attempts to help the helpless survive can stir some people to protest and complain.  Yesterday I left off "Your Turn" in my blog entry, so let's do that now and let you evaluate how this subject touches your family.

            Your Turn:  You cannot teach your children to value innocent life if you do not.  This does not just include the pre-born.  What about someone who has already "lived a good life" and now needs a great deal of assistance in old age?  What about the handicap person—whether he or she was born that way or had an experience that caused the disability?  What about the mentally challenged?  What about the homeless?

            Let's say you do value the sanctity of life, including all of the examples above.  How do you transmit that to your children?  Let them see you care.  Sweetly help the old lady who cannot open the door to the grocery store because it is too heavy.  Be patient with your neighbor's adult son who has the understanding of a four-year old.  When your unmarried niece announces that she is going to have a baby, point out to your children that, although her pregnancy does not fit God's direction for intimate relationships inside of marriage, she made a very good choice for not hurting the baby.  Then be there to support your niece whether she decides to raise the baby herself or to give it up for adoption.  Let them see you give time and/or money to organizations or individuals who reach out to those who might fall into the categories above, such as a crisis pregnancy center.  Compassion in action can go a long way.

            You might think I am so full of crap that you will never read anything at Touching Families again.  You may think I have not gone far enough on this subject.  Yet, you may be feeling a little confused.  Despite our desire to have a clean, tidy world of easy decisions, real life is messy.  Sometimes the desire to protect life does not seem to have an easy answer.   I do not promise to have all the answers. 

            For example, if I had conceived a baby as a result of a rape, I would find it difficult to carry that baby term.  At the same time, it is not the baby's fault.  Just because I was the innocent victim of an assault, it does not mean I would be guilt free if I caused a deadly assault on a different innocent victim—my unborn baby.  Basically, difficult answers do not have to result in wrong answers.  By teaching your family how to decide on the right answer to this difficult question, then you are also helping them create the integrity to make the right choices through all the difficult situations that touch their lives.

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