Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving--Day 21 and Day 22 of a Town Girl Touched by the Farming Life

The beginnings of
green bean casserole
     I am cheating by combining Day 21 and Day 22.  Trying to avoid the Black Friday mob, I have been scouring pre-Friday sales (and making back-up plans for Friday).  In the process, I have nothing left to say--almost.  Instead, let's just say that I do not have as much to say.
     Yet, when I sit down to a wonderful Thanksgiving meal tomorrow with my husband, children (minus one and her family), my parents, and my local sibling and her family, I will be thankful that we will be touched by the hard work of farmers.  Everything we will enjoy eating will be the result of farmers.  I guess you could also that farmers will help us get to our destination because of the ethanol in our gas tank.  In addition, we can thank farmers for some of the clothing--due to cotton--we will be wearing.  
     So, to all of you farmers out there:  Thank you!  You have touched our families in more ways than we probably even realize.  Have a blessed day with your own families.

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