Thursday, January 10, 2013

#9—Would You Like a Smile with That?

Even the smallest of businesses
has a real person behind it.

26 Expressions of Love and Kindness Plus 1
#9—Would You Like a Smile with That?

            Have you ever worked on the employee side of a counter waiting on customers?  Maybe it was in a fast food restaurant.  Maybe it was as a retail cashier.  Maybe it was as a janitor in a busy building or a receptionist in a office.  If so, did you find days were you felt like you were treated like an object rather than a person?  How often do you do that to people who serve you in their jobs?

            To be honest, it is understandable.  We are busy.  We go to the store to get what we need.  We go to a restaurant to get food.  We do not go to find an everlasting friendship with the person who is taking our money.  However, that can happen.  Then what can you do to express love and kindness to someone you barely know and may never see again?

            How about one of these:

            1.  Smile and look at the cashier/waiter/waitress in the eye and say, "Hello.  How are you today?"  Then actually listen to the answer.

            2.  Sincerely thank this person for his/her help and wish him/her to have a good day.

            3.  If a snafu happens with your order or you have to wait longer because of a snafu with the person ahead of you, patiently wait and calmly respond, "That's o.k.  I understand.  Things do not always happen like they are suppose to."

            4.  Call the person helping you by name.  Hint:  look at his or her name tag.  If he/she is not wearing a name tag but is someone who has often helped you, ask.  "I see you here all the time, what's your first name?"  Then use his/her name that day and each time you go to that establishment in the future.

            It is simply a matter of remembering that they are not robots or an appendage of a business.  It is remembering that they, too, are people with frustrations, worries, and hopes.  They, too, want the same respect and treatment that you would like to receive. 

            So, the next time you go into a business, instead of just expecting someone to make you feel better about shopping there, plan to make an employee have a better day by expressing a little kindness.  As you are parting from your "cashier," pretend you are asking, "Would you like a smile with that?" and then give him or her huge grinning goodbye as you purposely comment, "Have a wonderful day."

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