Thursday, January 10, 2013

#8--No Effort

Unfortunately, this isn't my doing;
it is part of Thanksgiving fixin's.
26 Expressions of Love and Kindness Plus 1
#8—No effort

            One of the favorite gifts I received when I gave birth to most of my children was a meal brought in for my whole family.  It was just what I (and my family) needed, and we all loved it.  We never knew what we were going to get, but every meal touched my family with a big helping of love and kindness.

            Consequently, one of the things I most often think about giving to other people, especially people going through a difficult time or even just an adjustment, is a meal.  However, I am ashamed to say that I rarely follow through with this grand idea.  My primary excuse is that I am not that great of a cook, and I do not want to disappoint someone.

           Even so, I have found a simple way to fulfill this plan with no (or only a little extra) effort.  That is:  just double the meal I am making for my family and deliver the extra to the family on my mind.  How easy is that?  This is very doable.  Now if only I could remember to follow through with it.  How about you?  Can you touch a family with a warm meal wrapped in love and kindness?  Will you actually do it?  Tell me about it.  Give me some inspiration to do this on a regular basis.  Once it becomes a habit, it truly will seemingly be no effort.

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