Monday, January 7, 2013

#6—Nighttime Niceness

26 Expressions of Love and Kindness Plus 1
#6—Nighttime Niceness

            I do not know about the weather in your area, but just before Christmas we had a nasty one-day storm come through here, stranding people and touching families all over the county.  Since then we have had a couple of more snow falls, but nothing to cause us to work up a tizzy. 

            During any of these times, wouldn't it have been wonderful to walk out to a pre-shoveled sidewalk in front of the house?  What an expression of love and kindness that kind of surprise would be?!  You can bestow that kindness to your neighbor the next time it snows.  Better yet, do it at night or at a time when you know your neighbor will be gone!  This type of kindness does not have to be rewarded with a face-to-face thank you.  Knowing you eased someone else's burden can be thank you enough.

            One year we had a neighbor down the block do this for us.  We finally figured out who did it, but our family was touched by his expression of  kindness even before we knew who was responsible.  If shoveling (or snow blowing) a sidewalk does not fit into your routine, what other type of nighttime niceness can you do?

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