Saturday, September 29, 2012

Intro. to 31 Days of a Biblical Worldview with Your Kids Part I

Introduction Part I

            Consider blog entries over the next 31 days as thought stimulators and conversation starters.  In no way do I want to portray myself as a Bible expert or theologian.  I know I will miss some "key Scriptures" on some the topics I will be presenting; that is why you should consider my blogs a starting point for your own investigation and conclusions.  I do believe there are right ways and wrong ways to evaluate a topic and make conclusions, so I am not saying, "Believe whatever you want to believe."  However, I am saying that I do not have all the answers—maybe I don't even have any of the right answers.  The next 31 Days are not about my declaring what is "right," but about what God—through the Bible—declares to be right.  Then I encourage you to talk to your children about your conclusions.  Hopefully, I will give you some good starting points for topics that touch your family.

            The most important part is that you start these conversations with your children.  Pare them down into very simple terms with your very youngest and challenge your teens (or even adult children) to have a serious discussion on the implications of the world's view on a subject versus a Biblical worldview.  Even at very young ages—even by age 3—your children are picking up on behavior and attitude clues.  True, you have no control over some of those influences—neighbors, cousins, and even children's educational programming. 

            Not surprisingly, many of the most influential signals are coming from you.  Do you have your attitude in check?  Where did your ideas come from?  Regardless if you know these answers or not, your children are watching you nonetheless.  Thus, the first place to start is with a self-evaluation.  Second, work on discovering a true Biblical worldview on the topic.

            Then talk to your kids—even if you are not to the place you want to be.  They will see the changes in you.  Think about how powerful that is going to be!  You—actually living out your life based on a Biblical worldview.  Realistically, they are probably going to see you fail to live up to those standards from time to time.  Even so, be sure to show them that you will not give up on the truth and that you are willing to start again to do what is right.  Your perseverance despite setbacks will be a wonderful example for your children and may even touch your family more positively than if you were successful with your first start..

            Pray for me the next 31 days to bring to you the topics you need when you need them.  In turn, I pray that those who are reading this blog and who are searching for the truth will find it.  I also pray that those who find the truth will live it out in their lives in such a way that their families will be blessed by it.

            See Part II of the Introduction for instructions on how to enter the GIVE AWAY.

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