Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Homeschool Myths

      While waiting for my next original entry (sorry, I have misplaced the article I am going to discuss), you might want to pop over to this blog to read Common Homeschool Myths Dispelled.  I have not read any other entries in this blog, but the I-can't-homeschool reasons listed are comments I have heard many times.  If you have made these same comments, you might find the answer for which you are searching.
      You might say, "This doesn't touch my family, because I have no desire to homeschool."  However, I would encourage you to read it anyway, so you can have a better or more complete snapshot of the possibility of homeschooling.  Besides, if you have felt awkward saying ones of these comments to a homeschooling mom, you can now have the "answer" without asking!
      I would love to hear if one of the myths or if one of the "answers" touches your family.

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